You can’t imagine what happened!

Are you ready to listen this?

Get ready….

Fasten your seat belt…

Okay okay next post…


Essential Tips!

Hey Guys,

Please check out this blog! I’m sure it will be super useful 🙂

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So don’t forget to check the website! 🙂


See you later!

Too good to be true…

There are some perfect matches in our lives. They are too good to be true.
Such as:
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
Beyonce and Jay-Z
Coffee and cigarette
Big Mac and Coca Cola
Ketchup and Mayonaise
Night bus and available seat

But… London and sun?
You have to be kidding me!
Is that normal?
I’m from a really hot country tho! That’s normal for me but for this country? NO WAY!
It’s too good to be true.

So what to do?
Okay first choice should be THE CLOSEST PARK! And have some pints and some sun kisses to your cheeks. (better than using blush, believe me)

The second choice might be a pub WHERE you can sit outside and chill.

The third choice is, your friends house of course choose the one who has a lovely garden and good hospitality! Maybe some free food and some Stellas! If they are not offering you these, come on don’t be lazy. That’s why there are more than 3 off-licence markets in every street!

Let me know how it goes!

Weekend is coming! And also, winter is coming! Don’t forget to plan your weekend! I already planned mine! But I’ll let you know later 🙂 Today, let’s enjoy sun! 😍

Catch you later!



How to miss an interview?

So my lovely friend and I arranged an interview like couple of months ago. So it was certain that we are gonna have that interview. But please…. It was like an open networking event.

So anyways, my housemate/ lovely amazing sista from another mista woke me up at 8:30 am.

We got ready…

What to wear?

Oh hey girl, is this skirt matches with this blouse?

Nah, no I don’t like it. Wear that dress from Primark! No one will understand it with your fancy shoes!

Okay, let’s smoke one more cigarette!

Oh come on let’s smoke one more to wake up…

Oh okay now it’s time to check where is the event?

Wait! It takes 34 minutes to get there. We can have takeaway coffee!

Let’s go to Paul to have some coffee…

Oh girl, we can have ham and cheese croissant! This is the best!

Hey Paul, can we have them toasted?

This is foodporn!

Oh where is the bus? Oh alright, let’s take the tube!

Oh wait, we need to smoke!

Perfect! We are here….

Excuse me Madam, where is the event?


Girls, you are 1 hour late! You can’t get in!

We just said:

Okay, thank you!

So we went to National History Museum and V&A Museum! Just like tourists.

And you know what?

We really enjoyed our day!

Sometimes bad luck brings good luck!

See ya later!

Tenancy Agreement!

Sorry to scare you guys!

I know who lives in London has a phobia: TENANCY AGREEMENT

So yeah, as usual, after living in the same place for 1 year, end of tenancy agreement time has arrived and I became homeless for 4 days!

Finally, me and my new lovely and amazing housemates we found a house-share and we moved in.

Guess what happened?


Thank to our “rigorous” landlord, we are suffering from cockroaches. We had 2 peat controls. I hope they will die ASAP and I will live happily ever after.

Right now, London is not behaving nice to me.

Have you ever had this problem before?

Do you have special talents such as talking to cockroaches?

If the answer is yes, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Looking forward to hear from you.

Happy days and lives without cockroaches!

See you later! 🙂






Time to catch up!

Hey Guys!
Long time…
I’ve never told you that but I was struggling with my postgraduate study. So that’s why I was really busy with my dissertation. FINALLY… I managed to submit on time and finally I have some free time for myself and for you guys.

The time between finishing your degree and trying to find a good job is just a big challenge. My head is just like a jungle. I have at least 1000 questions in my head.

What should I do next?
What kind of job I want to apply?
Do I need a holiday?
Whoops! Can I afford a holiday?
Where should I start?
What should I apply for?
Do I have time to party?
Whoops! Where should I apply?
Which website is safe?
Which job seems fun?
Whoops! I’ve got enough from fun… Should I be serious?
Everyone around me, trying to find a job!
No reply?
Still no reply?
Still no news?
No interviews?
BOOM! Thank you very much for your application. Unfortunately, bla bla…
Boom! An interview!
What should I wear?
Should I wear a dress or should I be normal?
What do they do?
Google it!
More Google!
Oh I just want to get marry with Google, my life saver!
Oh no no no no! No time for jokes!
Rent due on the 1st!
Be serious! Find a job!
Come on come on more Google!
Total jobs, graduate jobs, this job, that job…

Finally some interviews…

Q:Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Possible Answer: Maybe in Cuba, learning how to dance?

NO! Be serious!

A: Head of a team!

Q:Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Possible Answer: I’ll be 34 years old! God! Of course at a beauty centre, having some Botox treatments!

A: Head of a department!

We will call you…. Thank you for your time….

I thank you for your time to make me imagining myself in 10 years!

Welcome to real life…

Oh! Wait! Time to be positive again!

Pints after work?

Having Starbucks coffee every single morning (Tall Americano please!)

Valuable Sundays!
Having amazingly unhealthy lunch breaks?


Good smart clothes…

Fancy dresses and formal meetings!

WAIT! Now it sounds good…

Keep on searching… Everything will be fine and everyone will find their own way!

(PS: Thank you very much heat wave… I just want to chill at the park with my Stella)


My Mood: London Weather

Hello everyone!

I don’t know if it’s because of spring or because of the weather that changes a lot….
My mood is up and down in every hour!
Once I’m super happy
Once I’m super depressed
So guess what?
Dear weather,
Please show us the sun!
We’ll be happy and cheerful forever 🙂
Thank you in advance 😜

Lots of kiss and hug !